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Agricultural Lands

Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

USDA NRCS Farm Bill Conservation Programs

USDA NRCS Regional Conservation Partnership Program

USDA NRCS Technical Assistance

Backyard Habitat

Habitat Helpers

University of Illinois Extension: Landscaping: It’s for the Birds!

Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard

Native Plants: Bird-Friendly Plants FAQ

The National Wildlife Federation: Garden for Wildlife

Audubon: 17 Tips for Making Your Backyard Wildlife Friendly on a Budget

The Cornell Lab: All About Birds: Attract Birds with Birdbaths

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County: Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard

Audubon: Native Plants: Bird-Friendly Plants FAQ

The National Wildlife Federation: Create Habitat

USDA Backyard Conservation

Birds and Windows

Reducing Bird Collisions with Buildings and Building Glass Best Practices (pdf)

Bird-Friendly Building Design (pdf)


IDNR: Biodiversity of Illinois Species Search (Over 1,000 species found in Illinois aquatic, prairie/edge, or woodland habitats)

Communication Towers

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Conservation Opportunities Revisions to Federal Aviation Administration Obstruction Marking and Lighting Advisory Circular (pdf)

U.S. Department of Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration: Obstruction Marking and Lighting

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Recommended Best Practices for Communication Tower Design, Siting, Construction, Operation, Maintenance, and Decommissioning

Endangered Species

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Endangered and Threatened Species

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Species Recovery Program

Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board

Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board Checklist of Illinois Endangered and Threatened Animals and Plants (pdf)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Midwest Region Endangered Species

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Midwest Region Endangered Species: Resource Materials

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Midwest Region Endangered Species: Fact Sheet: Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

Guidelines for Enhancing and Creating Nesting Habitat for Blanding’s Turtles in the Northeastern United States in the Context of Regional Conservation (pdf)

Illinois County Distribution: Federally Endangered, Threatened, and Candidate Species

Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act (520 ILSC 10/)  (Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes)

Forestry & Tree Care

Illinois Extension Forestry

Illinois Forestry Association

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Forestry Resources: Technical Resources

IDNR Forestry Resources: Basic Tree Care

IDNR Forestry Resources: Benefits of Trees

IDNR Forestry Resources: Tree Selection & Planting

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Forestry Assistance Program (pdf)

IDNR: Urban and Community Forestry

Illinois Forest Action Plan (pdf)

Trees Forever: Illinois Buffer Partnership

IWAP: Forest & Woodland Journal Map (ArcGIS Journal Map)

IDNR: Resources for Illinois Trees

Forestry Best Management Practices

Tree City USA

USDA: U.S. Forest Service: State and Private Forestry

National Association of State Foresters


Native Prairie Establishment (pdf)

Prairie Establishment and Management (pdf)

IWAP: Farmland and Prairie Campaign Map Journal (ArcGIS Story Map)

IDNR: Illinois Prairies

IDNR: Shrub Prairie

IDNR: Dolomite Prairie

IDNR: Tall Prairie Requirements and Plant Lists

IDNR: Short Prairie Requirements and Plant Lists

Illinois Natural History Survey: The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois: Landscaping with Native Plants

Prairie Restoration: A Digital Aid Featuring Seeds, Seedlings, and Fruits

Habitat Management

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Stewardship Program: Habitat Management Tools & Techniques

Lake Michigan & Illinois Coastal Management

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Coastal Management Program

IDNR Sand Management Working Group

US Army Corps of Engineers Waukegan Harbor Dredging

Illinois Coastal Management Program Grants

IWAP: Lake Michigan & Coastal Area Campaign

Illinois Coastal Management Boundaries (pdf)

Lake Michigan & Coastal Area Campaign (ArcGIS Story Map)

Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Illinois Wildlife Action Plan

Invasive Plants

Management of Invasive Plants and Pests of Illinois (pdf)

IDNR Illinois Invasive Plant Identification (pdf)

Illinois Wildlife Action Plan: Invasive Species

Illinois Nature Preserves Invasive Species Management Guidelines

Non-woody Invasive Brush Management (pdf)

Illinois Exotic Weed Act (525 ILCS 10/) (Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes)


USDA: Illinois Forests 2015 (pdf)

USDA Forest Service Illinois Land-Use Changes

USGS: Land Cover Trends

Lawn Care & Mowing

IDNR Conservation Mowing (pdf)

Sustainable Lawn & Landscape Practices for Communities: Lawn to Lake Guidebook for Illinois and Indiana (pdf)

Beyond Bluegrass: A Guide to Selecting Low Input Turfgrass in Northeastern Illinois (pdf)

University of Illinois Extension: Fall Garden Cleanup and Wildlife


International Dark Sky Association: Outdoor Lighting

International Dark Sky Association: Light Pollution Effects on Wildlife and Ecosystems

Audubon: Lights Out

Native Plantings and Habitats

Native Habitat Descriptions, Requirements and Plant Lists

How to Plant and Maintain Native Plants (pdf)

Pollinator Wildflower Seed Mix Planting Instructions

Lake County Stormwater Management Commission: Native Plants & Trees In Your Yard

Native Illinois Plant Guide (poster)

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant: Native Spring Ephemerals: A Guide to Illinois Native Spring Ephemerals for the Home Garden (pdf)

Illinois Master Gardeners

Illinois Master Naturalist Program

Nest Boxes

Help Bring Back the Barn Owl! (pdf)

Help Bring Back Our Gems of Blue (pdf)

Wood Projects for Illinois Wildlife: Homes and Feeders for Birds and Mammals (pdf)

Building a Bat House (pdf)

Wood Duck Boxes

Nutrient Loss Reduction

Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy


Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Pollinator Resources

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Passion for Pollinators

Hummingbird Garden Requirements and Plant List

Butterfly Garden and Plant List

USDA NRCS: Insects & Pollinators

USDA NRCS Pollinator Habitat

USDA Pollinator Garden Design Guide

USDA NRCS Monarch Butterfly Habitat Development Project (pdf)

Bee Spotter: Making a Bee-Friendly Garden

University of Illinois Extension: Plant a Pollinator Pocket! (pdf)

Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation Publications Library

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation: Pollinator Conservation Program

Xerces Society: Nests for Native Bees (pdf)

Xerces Society: Tunnel Nests for Native Bees (pdf)

Michigan State Extension: Building and Managing Bee Hotels for Wild Bees (pdf)

Enhancing Nest Sites for Native Bee Crop Pollinators (pdf)

Inviting Bees to Your Property: No Fear of Stings! (pdf)

Solve Your Pest Problems Without Harming Pollinators (pdf)

Chicago Botanic Garden: Plant a Pollinator Strip

Working Lands for Monarch Butterflies (pdf)

Illinois Monarch Project

Pond Management

Private Pond and Aquatic Management

Pond Stocking Information: Private Fish Dealer List (pdf)

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service: Ponds: Planning, Design, Construction (pdf)

IDNR: Management of Small Lakes and Ponds in Illinois (pdf)

IDNR: Aquatic Plants: Their Identification and Management (pdf)

Prescribed Fire

NRCS Using Prescribed Fire on Illinois Grasslands

IL EPA: Do You Have a Burning Question?

Illinois Prescribed Burn Management Board

Illinois Prescribed Burning Act (Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes)

National Great Rivers Research and Education Center: Habitat Strike Team

Illinois Prescribed Burning Benefits, Techniques, and Regulations (ArcGIS Story Map)

Illinois Prescribed Fire Council: Prescribed Fire Training

Rain Gardens

Rain Garden Requirements and Plant Lists

Bioswale Requirements and Plant Lists

Chicago Botanic Garden: Rain Gardens

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant: Rain Garden: A Native Planting Guide for Rain Garden Beds (pdf)

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant: Full Sun Rain Garden: A Native Planting Guide for Sunny Rain Garden Beds (pdf)

University of Illinois: Illinois Library: Rain Gardens

Prairie Rivers Network: Rain Gardens

Soil Erosion

IDOT: Erosion and Sediment Control

USDA: Urban Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (pdf)

Solar Power

IDNR Solar Site Pollinator Scorecard

Solar Site Pollinator Establishment Guidelines

Illinois Pollinator-Friendly Solar Site Act (525 ILCS 55/) (Illinois General Assembly Compiled Statutes)

Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC): Solar Suitability Assessment Tool

Stream Restoration & Riparian Zones

Streambank and Shoreline Protection Manual (pdf)

USDA: Guidance for Stream Restoration (pdf)

NRCS: Where the Land and Water Meet: A Guide for Protection and Restoration of Riparian Areas (pdf)

USDA NRCS Riparian Areas Environmental Uniqueness, Functions, and Values

USDA NRCS: Conservation Buffers: Common Sense Conservation

USDA NRCS: Conservation Buffers

Trees Forever: Illinois Buffer Partnership

Stormwater Management

Storm Water Best Management Practices Start at Home

Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management

Illinois EPA: Storm Water Requirements

IEPA: NPDES Permit for Construction Activities

IDNR: Model Stormwater Management Ordinance (pdf)

Illinois Clean Marina Guidebook: Stormwater Management (pdf)

Sustainable/Green Construction

U.S. Sustainable Construction Standards (pdf)

Resilient Design

Climate Change Mitigation: Green Infrastructure

Managing and Reducing Wastes: A Guide for Commercial Buildings

Trash-Free Waters: Preventing Trash at the Source

Capital Development Board: Green Buildings

Illinois Green Business Association

Illinois Department of Transportation: Environment & Sustainability

American Society of Landscape Architects: Resilient Design

Green Built Home Tour

Illinois Green Business Association

U.S. Green Building Council: Illinois Green

RAPID: Illinois Land Use Planning

Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

Urban Lands

The Wildlife Trusts (UK website)

The Wildlife Trusts: Homes for People and Wildlife – How to Build Housing in a Nature Friendly way (pdf, UK resource)

Green Cities Campaign (pdf)

IWAP: Green Cities Campaign (ArcGIS Story Map)

Watershed Planning

Guidance for Developing Watershed Action Plans (pdf)

Wetland Creation and Restoration

Illinois Wetland Restoration and Creation Guide (pdf)

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Stewardship Program: Shallow Wetland Habitat Management (pdf)

The Wetlands Initiative: Living with Wetlands (pdf)

IDNR: Wetlands

USDA: Wetlands and Conservation Compliance

The Wetlands Initiative

IWAP: Wetlands ArcGIS Story Map (ArcGIS Story Map)

Wildlife and Habitat

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife

Illinois Acres for Wildlife

Wildlife Illinois

Illinois Environmental Council: Wildlife and Habitat